Really Truly Fiction: A Ghost Story
ACE III: Arresting, Contemporary stories by Emerging Writers
(Recent Works Press November 2022)

Centre Aisle
The Incompleteness Book II
(Recent Works Press November 2021)

TEXT Special Issue: The In/Completeness of the Human Experience, and
The Incompleteness Book
(Recent Works Press April 2020)


Crimes that Shocked Britain
(New Holland 2016)

Entrepreneurial Women: Stories of Women Who Dared to Succeed
(New Holland 2015)

Naked in the Driveway: Memoirs of a Motherhood Gone Wrong
(Amazon CreateSpace 2012)


The Victorian Writer, December 2021-February 2022

“Field Notes of a Pilgrimage Home, May 2019”
Watershed Review, October 2021

“The Witch of War Eagle”
Antithesis, October 2021

“Only Now”
Swamp Writing, August 2021

“What is Close? Objects as Creation of Adoption Belongings”
co-authored with Christine Rogers
TEXT Special Issue: Writing Through Lost and Broken Things, April 2021

“Miss Chapman”
Pendulum Papers, August 2020

“Why Can’t Orphans Play Baseball — Writing Into the Primal Wound”
co-authored with Mig Dann, Christine Rogers and Dan Harris
Qualitative Inquiry, June 2020

“Jolene, 1964”
Swamp Writing, November 2019

MAGAZINE ARTICLES (a small sampling)

“Flight Attendants: More Than Just Chicken or Fish”
Abu Dhabi Week magazine, November 2011

“Camel Racing: Big Business Built on the Past”
Abu Dhabi Week magazine, August 2011

“Ferrari World: The Fast and the Fabulous”
Abu Dhabi Week magazine, July 2011

“Gone Fishing: Spend a Day on the Water Contemplating the Zen of Trawling”
Abu Dhabi Week magazine, May 2011

“Hili Fun City: Tons of Fun in the Garden City’s Favourite Theme Park”
Abu Dhabi Week magazine, April 2011

“Desert Diary: An Unforgettable Camping Experience”
Abu Dhabi Week magazine, December 2010

“UFC in Review: A Blow by Blow Account of the UFC in Abu Dhabi”
Abu Dhabi Week magazine, April 2010

“Cross Cultural Relationships: How Couples Make It Work”
Aquarius magazine, November 2009

“Loving Dangerously: Men in Peril and the Women Who Love Them”
Aquarius magazine, November 2009

“Stay Well at School: Keeping the Bugs at Bay”
Time Out Abu Dhabi Kids, October 2008

“Gender Blender: When it Comes to Toys, Expose Don’t Impose”
Time Out Abu Dhabi Kids, December 2006

“Eyes Wide Open: Take a Look Then Leap into Laser Eye Surgery”
Liberty magazine, June 2006

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