My Dog Jesus

You know how kids sometimes say stuff in innocence that’s so comprehensively awesome you can’t ignore it? Yeah…

Months ago, we promised our boys a dog if they would leave behind their lives in Abu Dhabi and move to Australia – and they were fine with that trade off.

When my youngest son grew reluctant to leave behind a little boy in his class, I hoped to distract him so I asked him what he thought we should name our dog. Without hesitation, his first two choices were Mango and Jesus.

Now, I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a Christian and I don’t take it lightly, but a dog named Jesus? Come on! The comic value is limitless. In the end, we went with Charlotte, but because I truly just couldn’t resist, here are my…

Top 15 Reasons You Should Name Your Dog Jesus:

1. I’ve been searching the neighbourhood for my dog but I just can’t find him. The trick is to think like the dog. Now, what would Jesus do?

2. Hi there, Neighbour. I still haven’t seen that damn dog. Have you found Jesus?

3. We thought he would be an outside dog, but last night it was really cold, so we accepted Jesus into our home.

4. I love Jesus with all my heart. Sometimes I talk to Jesus and I know he’s listening, even if he doesn’t answer.

5. Jesus! What is this on my floor???

6. Dear Friends: Our dog is turning one year old, so come on over and celebrate the birth of Jesus!

7. See how he’s tapping on the floor like that with his paw? I swear he’s counting! Not everyone believes in Jesus, but I sure do.

8. My dog loves to ride in the car with me and he comes along everywhere I go. Yep, Jesus is my co-pilot.

9. Of course my dog has a pedigree! Look at his registry papers – see? He’s the only son of God! The rest of the litter were girls.

10. That is one loyal dog. He’ll wait for you by the door until you come home and every time you call. Yes, you have a friend in Jesus.

11. Well, he got off his leash, so I yelled, “Come, Jesus! Come!” He finally came but so did every other dog in the park. Everyone answered the call of Jesus.

12. The judges at the dog show were very critical. They found fault with all the dogs and they absolutely crucified Jesus.

13. This is one amazing dog. During that big flood, he pulled me from the raging river but no one else. Yes, Jesus is my personal saviour.

14. Well, sweetheart, sometimes dogs run away, but it’s ok. One day, Jesus will come again.

15. Have you felt Jesus in your heart? Or is he just sniffing your crotch? That means Jesus loves you and he wants you to know him.

6 thoughts on “My Dog Jesus

  1. Very funny. Lovely to see you all and give the kids chance to play video games at each other!!!

  2. *I never go anywhere with out Jesus , yes he is always with me….
    *Empty house, fear not for Jesus is there!
    *Sometimes I look a Jesus and hes staring back at me like he knows what Im thinking.
    * Do we have a guard dog, yes, Jesus is our protector….

    Yup I hear ya!

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